Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door springs help to lift and close garage doors. With garage door springs, it’s all about having the correct tension. The tension needs to be very tight for garage door springs to do their job right. Over time, garage door springs lose their tension, causing garage doors to fall suddenly or not open at all. In order to keep the garage safe for the family, contact a professional garage door contractor. A1 Garage Door features professional garage door contractors for all garage door springs related issues. If we can’t fix it, we offer premium garage door spring replacements.

Adjust and Repair Garage Door Springs

When it comes to dealing with adjusting garage door springs it’s wise to consult with Mr. Garage Door repair professionals. Garage door springs can be dangerous to handle, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of horror stories associated with improper installation, repair and adjustment of garage door springs. Most people don’t realize how much tension garage door springs have. If the coils snap, it can cause serious injury. Rather than risk harm to you or someone in your household, call Mr. Garage Door.

Two Types of Garage Door Springs

Residential garage doors will have two types of garage door springs. For some of the smaller, lighter garage doors, extension springs may be installed. Most extension springs can handle a garage door up to 150 pounds. Many of the more elegant and stylish garage doors weigh much more than 150 pounds. For the heavier or wider garage doors, the torsion spring is what works best. Torsion springs come in a few different sizes with the measurement you need based on the size of the garage door.

High Quality Garage Door Spring Replacement

If your garage door springs are beyond repair or adjustment, call Mr. Garage Door Repair. Better quality torsion springs ensure a longer lasting lift cycle. Our torsion springs are made in the USA and built with high quality galvanized steel. We believe in utilizing the best quality springs for replacement. A longer lift cycles means that you won’t have to worry about your garage door spring prematurely breaking. Contact us for high quality garage door spring repair.

Same day repair and garage door springs replacement keeps your garage and garage doors safe and secure. A free estimate is available. Reach us by phone or fill out our online form to request service. We want to save you as much money as possible. Contact us today.